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3rd AdenoNet meeting

Spanish Adenovirus Network: from basic biology to nanobiomedicine

The 3rd meeting of the Spanish Adenovirus Network took place on February 15-16th 2024 at the Instituto de Biomedicina de Sevilla (IBiS).

Invited speakers: Profs. Niklas Arnberg (Umeå University, iAds partner) and Gunnel Halldén (Queen Mary University of London / Astra Zeneca).

The programme of the meeting is available on this link.

AdenoNet brings together 10 internationally recognized Spanish groups focusing on the study of AdV, from their detection in nature to their clinical impact and their uses in virotherapies, through the architectural analysis of the viral particle, its assembly, and interaction with the host. AdenoNet will allow these groups to interchange ideas, resources and materials to strengthen the impact and visibility of their research. Their collaborative work is bound to produce pharmaceutical applications in antiviral treatments, gene transfer, vaccines, oncolysis or biomedical imaging, benefiting society as a whole.

iAds kickoff meeting

iAds kickoff meeting was held in Leiden (NL) on 8 March 2023. All partners were present to discuss the work plan for the first 12 months of the project. The meeting was hosted by partner Batavia Biosciences.